Yummy Dessert Recipes

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Yummy Dessert Recipes
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Gateaux Caramel Orange
An elegant cake with smooth caramel mousse and orange cream filling. Decorated with chocolate plates and orange jelly glaze. You can use the chocolate plates for other cakes as well

Black Forest Roll
It’s a roll cake version of the classic Black Forest cake. The chocolate chiffon sponge makes this cake extra soft and delicious.

Learn to make truffles and bon bon chocolates! Chef Keiko shows how to master chocolate tempering so you can work with chocolate like a pro.

Do you think you can make these impressive cakes? I bet you can! Yummy Dessert Recipes – Each cake comes with a video and detailed pdf instructions with lots of images. It shows how you can make each cake and dessert from start to finish.

You can always just ask the Chef for help! Post your cake pictures in the member forum and Chef Keiko will tell you what went wrong and how to fix it. Isn’t it nice to have a pastry chef give you specific tips how to improve your cakes to perfection?

VISIT HERE for full details = http://treatmentlife.xyz/DessertRecipes
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