When She Poured Brownie Mix Over The Oreo’s, I Knew I Had To Have It!

These Brownies Have Got A Reputation! Are They ‘Too Easy?’

Someone might say that its mother didn’t love it, or that perhaps it is just a ‘bad seed’.  Or maybe it drank too much that night. But I think it’s just a simple case of misunderstanding.

Which troubled youth are we discussing? Glad you asked! The website whatsgabycooking.com posted a video recipe regarding Slutty Brownies.


Why are the brownies considered, umm, promiscuous? Well it’s because the brownie mix decided to have a menage with Oreo’s (who could be thought of as having their own fun to begin with) who are already trysting atop a layer of cookie dough.

As you can see, this unholy orgy of sugar may one day be banned due to XXX rated deliciousness so you’d better hurry up and try this for yourself!

Find this recipe here

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