Tiramisu – watch Non Solo Pizza owner Antonio Crisci create this delicious Italian dessert classic.

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Welcome to our monthly video blog. In our first edition owner Antonio Crisci with daughters Bella and Marilena share a recipe for the deliciously decadent Italian classic- Tiramisu. It’s so simple you can make this anywhere-we have chosen our beautiful courtyard in Autumn at NSP. We think it would be the perfect way to treat your mum this Mothers Day! www.nonsolopizza.co.nz

Here’s the recipe and instructions:


Serves 6

9inch square dish

6 egg yolks
225g castor sugar

125mls cream
225g mascarpone

10 espresso shots [room temperature]
15mls rum
15mls brandy
15mls amaretto
15mls cointreau

4packets of Savoiardi biscuits [Ladyfinger biscuits]

20g cocoa powder
25g white chocolate shavings
25g dark chocolate shavings

50mls coffee anglaise [optional]
50mls chocolate anglaise [optional]


1. To make the zabaione, beat the egg yolks and sugar together over a bain-marie until the mixture is at ribbon texture then remove from heat.
2. Whip the cream then fold the cream and mascarpone into the zabaione mixture.
3. Stir the liqueurs into the espresso shots.


1. Line the dish with a layer of the zabaione cream.
2. Soak the biscuits in the coffee mixture one at a time and place next to each other in the dish.
3. Cover the layer of biscuits with zabaione cream then repeat the process.
4. Dust with chocolate powder and cover for at least 4hours and up to two days.
5. To serve, garnish the plate with chocolate and coffee anglaise and cover the tiramisu with chocolate shavings.

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