Thai Cakes – Bangkok Street Food – Thai Dessert – Thai Lot Ti

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Thai Cakes – Bangkok Street Food – Thai Dessert – Thai Lot Ti

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Covered are areas such as Bangkok Chinatown and many Bangkok street food markets as well as other areas throughout Thailand. I am providing authentic Thai food cooking demonstrations and many with recipes to enlighten food lovers of the delights of Thailand’s cuisine, from Thailand street food from northern Thailand to the southern provinces.

Presenting the cooking and some of the recipes of Thai street food from all over Thailand including Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, southern Thailand to northern Thailand street food recipes. Street food from all over the world definitely has an appeal to just about everybody because it includes traditional and local ingredient and preparation. All Asian countries including Thailand as well as Europe and much of the Middle East provides their own style of street food. The four main provinces in Thailand have their own distinctive food preparations and cooking styles which I will be bringing to you in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Bangkok is one of the world’s best places to eat Thai food and street food. Also, there are many restaurants as well as street vendors cooking and selling Thai food that it can be difficult to find the really good ones. What we are trying to find are the places that serve authentic and delicious food, where the Thais actually love to eat.

Thai food being one of the most sought after dishes worldwide and you will be able to experience many of these great delights of the world, through my YouTube channel. So, please subscribe to my channel (subscription is free) so that you can be notified of new video releases as they happen.

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