Super Healthy Low Sugar Chocolate Strawberry Dessert Recipe with Coconut Oil and Raw Coc

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Welcome all CHOCOLATE lovers!! This episode is a super great, healthy recipe that incorporates chocolate and strawberries!

Healthy strawberry chocolate deliciousness!! Great quick and easy recipe for a healthy low sugar strawberry snack that helps lower cholesterol , lowers blood pressure and minimizes inflammation in the body.

Ingredients for our strawberry chocolate dessert:
1.Pint of Organic Strawberries (queen of the fruit) Rinse & Slice
2. Drizzle 12/ to 1 tbsp Coconut Oil
3. Raw Organic Cocoa Powder

Sprinkle the raw cocoa powder over the coconut oil covered strawberries.

To sweeten a little- add a little organic raw honey or dark grade maple syrup. Raw honey is great for combating seasonal allergies.
Coconut Oil has really great healing properties for the gut and our

Benefits of Strawberries- they can help lower cholesterol levels. They can lower blood pressure – the higher levels of potassium help support the vascular system and minimize higher levels of blood pressure.

Raw Cocoa is high in its minerals.

This is a super easy to eat and digest healthy dessert.

Turn this into an easy sorbet or incorporate this into a smoothie mix.

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