Square Checkerboard MINECRAFT Cake! How to Make a Surprise Inside Checker Board Cake

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So, there are TONS of Round Checkerboard cake tutorials around, but NO SQUARE ONES! Today I show you how and we make it awesome with this Minecraft Surprise Inside Checker Board Cake.

Link to my Buttercream frosting recipe: http://bit.ly/Butter_Cream
Link to Minecraft Fondant Toppers: http://youtu.be/YnyPffcx6hg
Link to simple Minecraft Cupcakes: http://bit.ly/1hFZ2oy

Tools & Equipment:
8″ square cake tin
A TON of baking / greaseproof paper (to line my tin)
Offset spatula
Bread knife (serrated)
Sharp knife (the thinner the blade the better)
12″ cake board
Minecraft logo printed on sticky paper
Disposable piping bag
Grass piping tip

Chocolate cake (equiv. of a double packet cake mix or recipe)
Vanilla cake (equiv of a triple standard packet cake mix or recipe)
Buttercream frosting tinted green (recipe link below)
Chocolate ganache (recipe link below)
Crushed Oreo cookies
Minecraft fondant toppers (link to tutorial below) OR you can use store-bought Minecraft toys 🙂

Useful Links:
Link to ganache recipe: http://bit.ly/17awOIo
Link to buttercream frosting recipe: http://bit.ly/11Q3gzG
Link to DIY Fondant recipe: http://bit.ly/1g8Adjq
Link to Minecraft Cupcakes: http://bit.ly/1hFZ2oy
Link to Minecraft Fondant Toppers: http://youtu.be/YnyPffcx6hg

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I’d love to see pics of your cakes and cake pops on ANY of the above — You all know how mine turn out — now show me YOUR creations!

Xx Elise

Music: “Happy Harry” by Lincoln Grounds / Michael Pearse via Audio Network www.audionetwork.com

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