Rice pudding recipe easy and quick

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Rice pudding is delicious. toppings or hot or cold ingredients, this easy recipe for rice pudding is what you want. The creamy blend of rice, milk, sugar and cinnamon is a delicious and comforting food that is easy to do. This recipe does not require hours to do, but he knows just as delicious as the original recipes. Mexican rice milk is a soft, sticky dessert. In Mexico, they call this rice pudding recipe. When it comes to a soft food and tasty comfort, this is a dessert that has long existed. Many people like to eat rice pudding. Well, you can find rice or pre-cooked milk packaged in boxes that will never be able to come face to face with the flavors and aromas of foods made in real delicious home. rice pudding can be served as a breakfast food as a meal or a quick and easy dessert. Many people eat for breakfast; It is delicious and is a meal that will stay with you. It is not something you can eat and hungry in a short time. For dessert, it becomes a great pleasure after meals. And, of course, when you have leftover rice with milk in the refrigerator can be heated or served cold. Add some variety of other ingredients to enhance the flavors you want to eat. For example, some families appreciate the addition of raisins, bananas, oranges or this recipe. Another idea is delicious addition of various sauces or on top of rice pudding before serving.

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