Really, really, really, really good cookies.

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These airy, traditional Argentinian ganache cookies melt in your mouth.

After moving to Jersey, Maker Veronica Sain wanted to recreate the tastes from her childhood in Argentina. She’d embark on hour-long treks just to get alfajores—a nostalgic craving that evolved into two rich, handcrafted recipes.

Veronica’s take on this traditional treat consists of creamy dulce de leche sandwiched between soft cookies with a hint of lemon zest and cognac. As if that’s not mouthwatering enough, she rolls the cookies in crispy coconut flakes—adding a whole other layer of scrumptious texture.

And if you’re a chocolate lover—don’t fret—Veronica’s got you covered . . . in fine European dark chocolate ganache with that same sweet dulce de leche center.

Gift ready and delicious, D’Leche’s alfajor recipes take a classic recipe to even yummier heights.

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