Pineapple Trifle ( England Dessert ) in Urdu/Hindi by Azra Salim

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Pineapple Trifle has a great taste and an eye appealing colorful
dessert. If food is eye-appealing it increase your appetite. So
try to make the meal look good as well as taste good. Trifle is a
very easy, simple and delicious dessert. So try it out! Please
like my video and subscribe to my You Tube channel.
Thanks for watching! ^_^
1 — Mango flavored Pond Cake — sliced
1 — Large size tin of Pineapple — small chunks
1 — Liter: Full cream fresh milk
3 — tbs: Corn flour
½ – cup: Fresh cream
½ – cup: Sugar — or — to taste
9 — tbs: Sugar
1 — Raspberry Jelly
1 — Orange Jelly
1 — Lime Jelly
1 — tab: Butter

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