Pancake Dessert – Pancake With Custard – Easy Dessert Recipe By Ruchi Bharani

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Chef Ruchi Bharani brings you an easy Christmas dessert recipe. Delight your guests with this delectable Pancake Dessert and spread the joy while you wish everyone a merry Christmas.


3 tbsp custard powder
1/2 ltr milk
1 1/2 cup gulab jamun mix
3 tbsp powdered sugar
Butter to fry
Sugar syrup (made by mixing 1 cup sugar + 1 cup water)
1 tsp vanilla essence
Strawberries and pineapple pieces for garnish
4 granola bars


To make the custard:
– In a saucepan, add the milk and let it come to a boil.
– While the milk is boiling, mix the custard powder with cold milk.
– Once the milk comes to a boil, add sugar in it and give it a good stir.
– While stirring, slowly add the custard milk and keep mixing to avoid any lumps. Let it boil for about 2 – 3 minutes.
– Take it off the flame and place it over some ice so that it cools down quickly.
– Once it cools down, add the vanilla essence to it and mix well.

To make pancakes:
– In a bowl, add the gulab jamun mix and add the milk to it. Mix well.
– Add the powdered sugar and whisk well.
– Brush a hot pan with some butter.
– Spread a spoonful of the pancake batter on the pan.
– Cook the pancakes on both the sides until they change the colour.
– Get the pancakes off the flame and brush them with the sugar syrup.

To make the dessert:
– In a dessert glass, place finely chopped strawberries at the bottom.
– Then add the finely chopped pineapple.
– Top it up with some granola bars.
– Then pour in a layer of the custard.
– Cut the pancakes with a mould that fits your serving glass.
– Layer the pancakes over the custard and then pour some more custard over the pancake layer.
– Garnish it with finely chopped strawberries and pineapple and some granola bar. Slit a strawberry in the centre and place it on the glass.
– Keep them in the refrigerator atleast for 45 minutes before serving.

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