Mini Dessert Toasts | ミニデザートのトースト

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❤RECIPE BELOW❤レシピは以下です❤
If you’re having a sleepover or a chic party with friends, these little toasts would be perfect!! スリープオーバーや友達とおしゃれのパーティーにぴったりのおやつです!
Whether you’re a chocoholic, love fruit or are a fan of sweet & salty pairings, these toasts are definitely for you! These are really easy to make but look so impressive, and can easily be whipped up right before your guests arrive! The strawberry and condensed milk toasts are inspired by brick toast, and have this delicious, sticky and chewy texture because of the bruleed condensed milk. The creaminess of the peanut butter cream tastes amazing with the strawberry jam, and it tastes just like you’re eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! And the smores toasts are perfect if you want to enjoy the flavours of the summer but don’t have access to a campfire!



Mini Toast Appetizers | ミニトーストのアペタイザー:

Peanut Butter Piggies | ピーナッツバター入りブタさん:

How to Make Brick Toast | ハニートストの作り方:

Rilakkuma High Tea | リラックマのハイティー:

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