MamaMia! “Zuppa Inglese”- The Best Italian Dessert- (Tastes a little like English Pudding)

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Now lets cook cause….

AND I AM WITH A SPECIAL GUEST…MY SISTER! Well, this is it dear ones…my favorite Italian dessert recipe…Zuppa Inglese. Now my Nonna came from Tuscany Italy and they made this treat there. For over a hundred years the English in that region
would request the chefs to make an English Pudding- like dessert…and they turned it into their own..special variation! My mom changed the recipe even more -by making a quick cooked recipe for us kids. She would throw this together in 1/2 hour or less.

But there are more original styles…look it up. But the more back home style in Italy.. in the more oven-baked and the more Italian traditional recipe it is and so…you got to work harder. To make Zuppa Inglese, pan di spagna (sponge cake) or soft biscuits known as savoiardi (ladyfingers) are dipped in Alchermes, a bright red, extremely aromatic Italian herb liqueur and alternated with layers of crema pasticciera which is a thick home made egg custard cooked with a large piece of lemon zest (removed afterwards). Often there is also a layer of crema alla cioccolata made by dissolving dark chocolate in a plain crema pasticciera. Rarely topped with cream, meringue or almonds in Italy.

Come and enjoy my special guest today..My sister! Come and enjoy her company as we colloborate in making this extremely “delicioso ” Zuppa Inglese.” Happy Eating!

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Tutti Mangiare!
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Bella Notte written by Peggy Lee from the Movie Lady and the Tramp
Sisters written by Irving Berlin 1953

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Here’s our shortcut “Zuppa Inglese” Recipe

Moms Quick Zuppa Inglese A la MamaMiaLove
(English Pudding) Style Recipe
This will make three layers of Zuppa Inglese
Serves 6-8 people

Use a 10 or 12 inch across round
clear glass bowl for the best presentation

* PLEASE: No Instant Pudding

*Large Box of Vanilla Pudding for stovetop cooking
to make at least 3 1/2 cups

* Or Homemade Custard 3 1//2 cups
(Please make right before you make the Zuppa)

* Two medium sized
15 oz cans of peaches
in lite juice
Please separate peaches
And juice and set aside
Juice for mixing with

* 24 almond and anise
flavored Biscotti (no
chocolate on them

* 8 to 10 oz of non-fat
dairy-free whipping cream

*1 1/2 cups of fresh Raspberries

*Flavoring in the peach juice:
*Liqueur extracts such as
Rum, Amaretto, or Anise
Be carefulgo sparingly
With liqueurs as not to
Overpower the trifle (Zuppa Inglese)

* Or real liguor such as
2-3 teaspoons of
Rum, Amaretto (Almond flavor
or Aniset(licorice flavor)
Test the strength of each
Flavoring before drizzling
On the Biscotti.

* Unsweetened Cocoa powder
For sifting on whipping cream

* Lemon Zest
(Grated lemon peel)
for the other layers
of whipping cream
Remember to alternate
Cocoa on one layer and
Lemon zest on the next.

*Small Jar of Marachino cherries
For decorating the top of the
*Lastly sprinkle on Slivered Almonds

Serves 6-8 people

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