Low Carb Raspberry Crumble | Just 4 ingredients! | QUICK to make | Low Carb dessert | Keto dessert

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Here is the low down on this low carb dessert – it uses only 4 ingredients, takes just a few minutes to prepare and less than 25mins in the oven for you to have a keto dessert which is phenomenal! Sound good to you? It certainly does to me.

This low carb raspberry crumble also is made with one of the lowest carb fruits, so you’re sticking with your low carb lifestyle, getting all the great macronutrients from the fruit (raspberries in this case), and satisfying that sweet tooth which tempts all of us to fall of the low carb or keto wagon!

Some people call this a low carb raspberry crisp instead of a low carb raspeberry crumble – either way, you are going to love the taste and love how simple and quick it is to make this keto dessert. No forward planning for this low carb sweet treat. If the urge hits you, you can make this sugar free dessert in under 25mins total from start to finish!

This low carb raspberry crumble checks all the boxes. It fits a low carb or keto / ketogenic lifestyle; is a sugar free dessert; is a grain free dessert and best of tastes AMAZING!

I hope you all give this low carb dessert recipe a try. I can guarantee you will love it. I would love to hear how you enjoyed this low carb raspberry crumble in the comments section. And of course, subscribe to my channel to be notified of new great recipes just like this one. The Keto King.

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