Lose Weight With This Delicious Chocolate Dessert

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Hi friends of Get Healthy Get Hot!

Today I have a gift for you…a recipe for a delicious FAT BURNING dessert. You can also have it as a HEALTHY snack!

1 cup of coconut milk
6 dates
1 tbsp of vanilla extract
1 scoop of chocolate whey protein
¼ cup of chia seeds
3 tbsp of cacao powder

In a recipient mix the chia and milk (it could be in the blender), cover with plastic, and refrigerate overnight (at least for 45min). Once ready; blend with the rest of the ingredients, until creamy. Serve, refrigerate for 20 minutes more, decorate with a strawberry or raspberry, and enjoy!

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A big hug,
Ingrid Macher
Get Healthy Get Hot

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Lose Weight With This Delicious Chocolate Dessert

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