Lab-e-Shireen (Arabian Cuisine) in Urdu/Hindi by Azra Salim

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Lab e Shireen is a classic Arabian Cuisine and Eid dessert.
Trust me, this dessert has it all. It is smooth, milky, fruity,
nutty and tarty delicious dessert. Hope you will love it. So
try it out! Please like my videos and subscribe to my
YouTube channel. Thanks for watching!
1 – Liter: Full Cream Milk
1 – Cup: Sugar or to taste
2 – Tabs: Corn Flour
½ – Cup: Water
For Jelly:
2 – Cups of water
1 – Packet: Mix fruit jelly
1 – Packet: Banana Jelly
4 – Tabs: Sugar
( Pls. Mix all jelly cubes before final decorating )
For Fruits:
8 – Large size of Bananas
3 – Medium Size Mangoes
1 ½ – Cup: Grapes
1 – Pomegranate seeds
1 – Large Size: Apple
½ – Cup: Pineapple Chunks
3 – Tab: Chopped Almonds
1 ½ – Cup: Fresh Cream
2 – Cups: Boiled Maza thick Vermicelli
( Maza Is a Company name )
Chill completely before serving

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