Koova Payasam ( Arrow root powder dessert recipe ) | Traditional Kerala Thiruvathira special Kheer

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Koova Payasam ( Arrow root powder dessert)

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Arrowroot powder – 4 TBSP
Jaggery – 3/4 th to 1 cup (Add or reduce according to sweetness required)
Coconut slices – chopped to bits
Cumin Seeds/Cardomom – 1 pinch

Heat jaggery adding around 1 cup water heat until all the lumps are dissolved. Sieve to remove impurities and keep aside.

Heat a wide mouthed (non stick) pan and to it add the arrowroot powder. Mix with water until completely dissolved.cook it on low flame.Then add the melted jaggery. Stir it continuously on low flame.
Keep cooking till it reaches a really thick stage and leaves the sides of the pan without effort and rolls well with spatula. Note: This thickening process will happen very fast within 3- 4 minutes so keep a close eye. So no lumps are formed. It should be smooth and jelly like.
Koova payasam/koova veragiyathu is usually had hot by just scooping and serving in a thick paste form.

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