How To Make Dark Chocolate Ganache – Video Recipe

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This video demonstrates the making of dark chocolate ganache to frost cakes.

Ganache is made of just two divine ingredients – chocolate and cream. Depending upon the consistency of the ganache, it can be used for truffles, glaze or frosting. When the chocolate and cream are mixed in equal quantities, it can be used for glazing. Adding a little butter to the glaze makes it very shiny. When the chocolate is double the quantity of cream, then it can be used to frost and decorate cakes. It comes in piping consistency and so it is easier to pipe out designs on cakes. When the chocolate is 2.5 times the quantity of cream, then it can be used for truffles. Truffle and frosting ganache sets hard whereas the glaze doesn’t set so hard.
The only problem which arises while making ganache is the chocolate may not melt fully and the ganache may turn out crunchy with the chocolate bits. This problem arises only when you use cold chocolate which is straight of fridge or when the climate is very cold. Do not refrigerate chocolate slab. If it is in the fridge, make sure that it returns to room temperature before making ganache. Chop chocolate to very tiny pieces. I feel that shredding the chocolate with a peeler would be great as chocolate melts fast when shredded thinly. While heating cream make sure that it is heated on medium flame. We don’t want curdled cream for ganache. When the cream starts bubbling and is near boiling stage, pour it on the chocolate. Do not stir immediately. If the climate is cool and the chocolate is not completely melt, there is another way to make it fine. Just keep the bowl on a pot with boiling water. Yes, I am talking about double boiler method. Whatever chocolate chunk is leftover will be taken care of during this stage. Once the ganache is silky smooth and glossy you can remove it from heat.
Now let us take a look on what types of chocolate and cream can be used for making ganache. You can use coverture or compound. You can use bitter sweet, milk or white chocolate to make ganache. If using white chocolate then you need to use three portions of chocolate and one portion of cream. Otherwise it will not set properly. For cream you can use whipping cream, low fat cream or non diary cream. I usually use dark chocolate compound and amul fresh cream to make my ganache.

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