How make White Chocolate “Truffle Cupcakes” at Home | “Cake Recipe” | Birthday special – How to

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How make . White Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes at Home | Cake Recipe | Birthday special – How to

White Chocolate Cupcakes with a surprise molten white chocolate truffle center. Definitely an indulgence but why not? You’re worth it!

1¾ c unbleached Flour
1 ts Baking Powder
½ ts fine Salt
1 stick softened, unsalted Butter
¾ c Sugar
2 ts pure Vanilla Extract
2 room temperature Eggs
4 oz melted White Chocolate
1 c room temperature Buttermilk

Not one, but TWO awesome recipes for you today! Christmas Truffles two-ways. Because Christmas!
Happy New Year, peeps! To celebrate the end of 2016 and the dawn of 2017. I have made this stupidly intense, rich Chocolate Truffle Cake to really knock your chocolate-loving socks off!
If you watched my latest Masterclass on how to achieve a professional finish on your sugarpasted/fondant cakes, you may be wondering how to make White Chocolate Ganache. Well, wonder no longer! Here is the recipe. If you didn’t watch it GO AND WATCH IT NOW!
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