Great British Menu 2016 North West Dessert ep.14

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In this year’s Great British Menu, the chefs are competing to cook at the ultimate banquet held the Palace of Westminster. In the year of the Queen’s 90th birthday, the chefs are celebrating the everyday great Britons who have been honoured for their extraordinary achievements. The challenge is to create dishes that are a fitting legacy to our modern Elizabethan age, creating food that represents the complete transformation in British cuisine during the Queen’s reign.
It is the dessert course and the three north west competitors are getting highly creative producing some of the most original and stunning desserts. Kim Woodward has been inspired by her great grandfather who lived and worked at the Tower of London as a Yeoman warder or beefeater. She is going to attempt to inject a red poppy made of jelly into another clear jelly. It requires an immense amount of skill and very steady hands.
Matt Worswick is continuing his theme of modernising classic dishes. Today, he is reimagining the classic peach melba, while Adam Reid is attempting the most challenging sugar work, blowing a golden apple out of spun sugar then filling it with apple crumble. All three chefs are working in a hot kitchen. The tension is palpable, nerves are reaching a peak, and today, one chef will go home.

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