Gourmet Burger Anyone?

Gourmet Burgers? – Define That Exactly…

Some people with talented taste buds and refined palates sometimes scoff at others who try to raise “simple” fare to the level of “haute cuisine”.

I, myself, am more flexible as I tend to give credence to innovation, creativity, and distinct, delicious, and delicate flavors.

Some people think burgers are just too common, and the flavors too rambunctious to be considered “gourmet”.

Others note that there is an interesting trend, or possible fad underway in which restaurants are experimenting with gourmet burgers. How long will this trend last?  It depends on the public’s willingness to accept the concept, and, of course, pay a premium for it!

Isaac Parham at GreatBritishChefs.com adds his two shillings to the argument in a thoughtful and interesting way.

Read more below to glimpse his insights:

Is the Gourmet Burger More than a Trend? – Great British Chefs

Have we reached the peak of the gourmet burger trend? With each new burger craze is it a case of re-inventing the burger wheel, or discovering unique ways of elevating the simplicity of eating meat in a bun?


I once asked a chef friend of mine to help me some ideas for making the perfect burger at home. Expecting him to lend me some expert tips (a brioche bun, perhaps; an added dollop of chipotle mayo, maybe) I was shocked by his response: “Keep the patty mix simple: good quality mince, a shaving of onion and salt and pepper. That’s it”.

And there might be something in that. Perhaps in our endless pursuit of patty perfection we have lost sight of why we fell in love with the damn things in the first place – because of their comforting simplicity. Could it be that everything else is just clever marketing?

Logic would tell you that serious chef/restaurateurs would be dismissive of our continued burger binge, but Tom Aikens holds the opposing view, saying that the “buzz and excitement are still alive”.

He continues: “It’s now a very satisfying meal to have as opposed to it being a take out food that was less desirable when in the hands of burger giants, plus most of these pop-up branches are actually cool and funky places to hang out in.”

So there you have it – even one of the country’s best chefs is embracing the humble burger. Perhaps our prolonged patty party is here to stay.

What do you think? Is a love of burgers an indictment on our food culture or something to be proud of? Do you prefer burgers to be kept simple or pimped-up?

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Excerpt and photos courtesy of GreatBritishChefs.com

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