Eat The Original “Standard-American-Diet”!

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I Bet You Haven’t Tried This Culinary Delight!!

This Is An Awesome Idea!!  Native American Gourmet!

I absolutely love this concept and next time I am in Minneapolis, MN. I am definitely going to give this a try.

I’d say that this is one cuisine that would hit all the buttons for me:  gourmet, paleo, local, whole food, organic, sustainable, Native American, bison… (mmmm, bison…)

Perhaps this can catch on in a restaurant concept and branch out to other major cities (like Chicago!).

Read more below!

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Even with the door closed, the sweet smell of blueberries, sage and tender cuts of buffalo permeated the halls of a downtown Minneapolis building. Chef Sean Sherman lingered behind a stove, his hands slow and steady as he drizzled sunflower oil into a hot pan.



“I like to think, What if I was here 300 years ago?” he said, scanning the faces of a group of Native American youths. “What would I eat?”


Fast-forward to the present day. Sherman has studied the diets of Native Americans before European influence and assimilation, experimented with precolonized flavors and ingredients and served as the executive chef at a popular restaurant in the Twin Cities. Now the 40-year-old plans to do what few have done: open a purely indigenous restaurant that focuses solely on precolonization Sioux and Ojibwe cuisine.The restaurant, to be called Sioux Chef, will soon open its doors in the Minneapolis area. Deer, buffalo, rabbits, walleye, trout and duck will make the menu, paired with other local items like juniper berries, prairie turnips, dandelions, chard, kale, spinach and the symbiotic trio that Native Americans have dubbed the three sisters — corn, beans and squash.


“I’m not pushing healthy food but traditional food,” he said. “It’s traditional food in a modern context, and it just happens to be healthy.”…….

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