Easy Dessert Recipe in Malayalam

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how to make easy desert without baking it in 2 minutes MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE FOR MORE GREAT RECIPES.!


●digestive biscuits- 4-5
●butter-2 tbsp.
●sugar-1 tbsp.
●macphie mactop cream-1 cup
●rosewater-3 tbsp
●pink food color-a drop
●pistachios-to decorate


1.crush your biscuits until they have some texture and mix with melted butter and sugar until the mixture resembles wet sand.

2.whip your cream until stiff peaks form add rosewater and food color and beat really well. if wanted can add pistachio paste into the filling.

3.in the pudding cups add your biscuit base then the filling and refrigerate until

cold then top it with pistachios. ENJOY!

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