Do You Make These 5 Food Eating Mistakes?

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Do You Commit These 5 Food Sins?

Do you ever see your friends do something cringe-worthy with food, but are too afraid to tell them?

Or, do you secretly harbor a food habit that you don’t want anyone to know about?

Well, don’t feel bad because today we are dragging 5 weird food habits out into the open!

Let the healing begin!

1. Beginning with the end in mind.  Starting crust-first is blasphemy to some.  I say, “it’s a free country”.

LA Live

2. This…this is just Twizzler abuse! What kind of person would do such a thing?

bitten twizzler

3. Eating only the “meaty part” of the chicken wing. I have been accused of this.  The charges didn’t stand up in court.


4. Have you been accused of “Salty Melons”?  Full Disclosure: I definitely do this. Because It’s Delicious.

salty melons

5. String cheese.  The name says it all… oh, wait…

string cheese NO

Perhaps you have other “sins” you commit or have seen someone commit against food. If so, share it on our Facebook page!

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