Delicious And Easy Baklava Dessert Recipe

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Hello ladies and gentlemen
Gorgeous tasty easy baklava recipe
Baklava material for dough
Carbonate, salt, egg, liquid sunflower oil, milk, vinegar, flour
Add water, carbonate, milk, sunflower oil, eggs, salt, and vinegar and mix
I add flour by mixing
The dough is ready and the hamper is holding on to even pieces
I made crushed walnuts
I open the doughs that are waiting for a while with a roller and a rolling pin very thin
I add to the oven tray
I add a few layers and then I add crushed walnuts
I keep making layers again
Shaped and smoothly
I am dividing equal parts
I add melted butter and some oil
I cook at medium temperature with red and blue top and bottom
I boil sugar water and lemon for sherbet
I add hot sorbet
Get baklava ready appetite
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