Cook Your Camp Food With Style!

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No Need Sacrifice Delicious Flavor When “Roughing It”

Next time you decide to go camping to enjoy nature with your senses of touch, smell, and sight, don’t forget to indulge your sense of taste as well!

Tommy Ethington created a post about camping and cuisine for you Texans who are campers out there. I am sure this will be welcome reading because until recently there was a “burn ban” in Texas which meant you couldn’t cook over open flames.

Also, if you need quick recipes for delish camp food, we have this as well in this article.

Check out the the tools you’ll need to carry with you next time you hit the trail below:

For the first time in years, Texas’ outdoor enthusiasts can revel in the burn ban being lifted across most of the state. This means aspiring campfire chefs can cook over an open flame when venturing into the backcountry or road-tripping to surrounding parks. To make the most of the culinary opportunity, we turned to Kayla Luckey, a self-described foodie who works at SA’s REI store (which supplied the items pictured) and teaches free monthly camp cooking classes once a month at the store.

Outfit Your Outdoor Kitchen

Every good chef needs proper equipment and camp cooking is no exception. While Luckey notes that most things you would use in a regular kitchen can be used outdoors, there are products that make cooking in the confines of a campsite —or out of a backpack — easier.

Camp-friendly cookware is at the top of the must-have list. Luckey recommends the GSI Outdoors Bugaboo cooksets or Sea to Summit X Pot series. Both are compact and feature multiple size pots, pans with foldable handles and built-in strainers. They’re durable, heat-resistant and, in the case of the X Pot, collapsible.

For ambitious chefs looking to prepare multi-course meals, you may need additional cooking surfaces. This is where a camp stove comes in. ColemanStoves reign supreme, but Luckey also likes the MSR Pocket Rocket for backpackers concerned about weight. The Jetboil, while primarily used for boiling water, becomes a gourmet French press given the right accessory.

Other essentials include a foldable aluminum table for easy sanitation if you’re car camping, a food thermometer, mini spice rack, egg holder and a headlamp or lantern. For clean-up purposes, check out the Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink and biodegradable soap. Wash the cleaner items first and be sure to throw away dirty water at least 200 yards away from other water sources.

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If you need a quick recipe check out via the link above, or check out the video below for a tasty beef stroganoff–camp style!

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