Chocolate Honey Cake Recipe | Tort Medovik | Шоколадный медовик

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This is the Best Chocolate Honey Cake Recipe ever. Consisting of 8-10 layers of chocolate honey dough with creamy chocolate frosting, this luxurious cake is perfect with tea or coffee. The honey cake is very popular in Latvia and Russian speaking countries. Chocolate Honey cake is so soft and fantastic. It’s definitely a special occasion cake and will amaze your crowd! It requires some patience, but its really worth it! Subscribe for free :

Ingredients you will need :

For the honey cake we will need: 115 gr or 1 stick of butter ; 150 gr or ¾ cup of granulated sugar ; 2 eggs ; 2 teaspoons of baking soda ; 100 gr or ¼ cup honey ; 400 gr or 3½ plain flour ; 3-4 tbsp of cocao powder ; 100 gr dark chocolate + double cream, walnuts + fresh raspberries ( for decoration optional)

Chocolate Filling: 100 gr or half of package of cream cheese ( 220 gr) , you can use any soft cheese ; ½ can sweetened condensed milk ( 224 gr) ; 200 gr OR 1 cup of sour cream ; 1 teaspoon vanilla ; 300 ml or 1 cup heavy/double cream ; 6 Tablespoons icing sugar ; 3-4 tbsp of cocoa powder ;100 gr melted dark chocolate

Step 1 : Make the filling first, so it can rest in the fridge. Cream the softened cream cheese and condensed milk with a hand mixer until it’s well combined. Add the sour cream and vanilla, cocoa powder and mix to combine.In another bowl, whip the heavy cream with the icing sugar. Gently mix everything together. Add melted chocolate and set in a fridge for 1 hour.
Step 2 :Make sure you use a nonstick pan, as this is a quick process. Place the butter and sugar in your pot. Cook it just until the butter melts but is still barely warm. Make sure its not hot. I turn the heat off half way through and just mix my butter in. Add the eggs, baking soda and honey and mix to combine.
Step 3: Cook the mixture on medium low heat for about 6-7 minutes, The mixture should almost double in size and will turn a deep caramel color. Take it off the heat.
Step 4: Add the flour and mix quickly with a wooden spoon. Then add cocoa powder and mix it. I always add less flour than I need and add more when I’m rolling out the cake layers. If you add too much flour, it will be really hard to roll out.
Step 5: On a lightly floured surface, roll out the cake layers. You have to work quickly, if the mixture goes cold it will be very hard to roll it out. If it’s sticking to your hands and the counter, add more flour. Roll it out thinly into somewhat of a circle. Use a plate to cut a perfect circle. You can save all the scraps just the way you cut them and place them on a baking sheet and then bake. Later, you can crush them into crumbs and sprinkle the sides and top of the cake.
Step 6: In your preheated oven at 350 F or 180 C, place the first circle layer of the cake and bake for 2-3 min until golden brown. Repeat the process with all the dough. You should have approximately 8-10 cake layers. Set aside to cool down completely.
Step 7: Top each cake layer with several spoons of frosting and spread it around evenly. I like to use a lot of frosting, to make sure the cake is moist and yummy.
Step 8: Repeat with all the cake layers. As you place the layers on top of each other, some of the frosting will ooze out of the sides. Spread it out evenly over the sides. Place the cake overnight.
Step 9: Melt chocolate with double cream or butter and pour chocolate ganache all over the cake. Blitz the scraps of the cake and coat the cake from all sides with the crumbs, you can also use crushed walnuts. Decorate with raspberries and place back in the fridge for at least 1 hour. Enjoy!

Translation for Russian speaking people: Русский перевод ниже.
Tортик получился очень вкусный, нежный, просто тает во рту, не жирный, не приторный, всего в меру. Я думаю, если вы любите шоколад, то вам этот торт очень понравится. Торт «Медовик», рецепт просто изумительный, сногсшибательный аромат, восхитительно нежные коржи и воздушный крем.

Для медового торта нам понадобится: 115 гр сливочного масла; 150 гр сахара ; 2 яйца ; 2 чайные ложки пищевой соды ; 100 гр меда ; 400 гр муки ; 3-4 столовые ложки какао-порошка ; 100 гр темного шоколада
Шоколадная Начинка: 100 гр или половину упаковки сливочного сыра ; ½ банки сгущенное молоко ; 200 гр сметаны ; 1 чайная ложка ваниль ; 300 мл сливoк ; 6 столовых ложек сахарной пудры
3-4 столовые ложки какао-порошка ;100 гр темного шоколада

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