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Eggless chocolate pudding is very easy to cook, super quick and delicious recipe. This instant microwave recipe pudding will be definitely everybody’s favorite including kids and elders as well.

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Ingredient list
6 White bread slices.
3 tbsp Butter
1 cup Shredded dark chocolate
1 1/2 cup full fat milk
2 tbsp corn flour
1/4 cup powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract

Take alll the bread slices and butter them from both the sides.
Stack the slices one on another and cut the bread into 1 inch cubes.
Take a bowl and arrange the cubes one on another. Put a layer of shredded dark chocolate. Again arrange the bread and add another layer of shredded dark chocolate.
Take another bowl and add full cream milk, corn flour, powdered sugar and vanilla extract. Mix it well.
Now take a bowl of bread and chocolate. Pour the milk over the bread and make sure the bread gets soaked with milk.
Cook the pudding in microwave for 5 minutes. If any liquid is left at the bottom then cook it for another a minute. Leave it aside for 5-10 minutes.
Take a knife and oosen the pudding from sides and cut in between.
Take a serving dish. Decorate it with chocolate syrup. Now transfer the pudding from bowl to dish with the help of spatula.
Eggless chocolate pudding is already to server

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