Book | Glutenfree & Wheatfree Gourmet Desserts

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Learn how to bake incredible gourmet-quality delicious Gluten-free Desserts with pleasing taste and texture perfect for your Gf bakery, Gf restaurant menu, or home scrumptious Cakes, Tortes, Cookies, Bars, Brownies, Biscotti, Cheesecakes, Breads, Pies, Tarts, Soufflé, Flan and more (even Gf Cream Puffs)!create and enjoy desserts that are as good as, or better than, the wheat-containing versions prevalent in our society, with the help of these simple to make recipes that accommodate bakers of all experience levels. This recipe collection is a perfect resource for anyone preparing food for those with wheat-intolerance, gluten-intolerance, or celiac disease! In addition, these recipes are not only fantastic when baked as-is, but also lend themselves to many easy and flavorful variations.all recipes are gluten-free, soy-free, gum-free, and accompanied by a beautiful full-page color photograph* of each freshly-baked dessert; you see exactly what each recipe makes in such detail you can almost taste it! *book is produced in full color for color-capable Kindle devices and viewers like Amazon Kindle for Pc or Kindle for Mac software; pictures appear in grayscale on other Kindle you can welcome that next birthday party, holiday, or dinner event, and bake gourmet gluten-free desserts that will be a sensational treat for all your guests. Avoiding gluten and/or wheat no longer means avoiding fantastic desserts. These desserts were tested on the entire population (not just Celiacs) to achieve an accurate comparison of Gf desserts to the “real” thing (i.e., not just to other Gf desserts), and our taste-testers overwhelmingly consider these gluten free desserts to be of bakery / restaurant quality

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