Best Raw Food Desserts My Best Dessert Recipes for Your Raw Food Diet E-Book

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Time to get excited! Here comes the tastiest book in the series: best Raw Food Desserts My Best Dessert Recipes for Your Raw Food Diet.still having perceptions about Raw Food? Then you need to get my 2 other books. But now time to get ready for a dessert. More often than not, when we say eating healthy, what immediately comes to mind are the food that you cannot have You cant have sweets, you cant have desserts. What you can have greens, seeds and nuts But how boring would it be, wouldnt it? Whos to say that going raw means going boring and bland? Going healthy most definitely does not mean going for tasteless food. More so, going healthy doesnt mean foregoing mouth-watering gift from heavens that is desserts. Believe me all of them are simply amazing!with a Raw Food Diet we can make wonderful treats that are both healthy and delicious. This book contains everything you need to know about making scrumptious raw food desserts. Here is what you will find:1. 25 of the best Raw Food Diet desserts selections you can find. 2. Servings to help you plan your dessert according to the number of people you are expecting. (or you can always enjoy it by yourself *wink*)3. Preparation time, chilling time and dehydrating time to help you manage your time effectively. 4. Directions that are easy to follow. 5. Table of measures for your convenience. Here are the Raw Food Diet recipes that you will find in this book:almond-cherry Macaroonsapples in Maple Caramelchocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream Sandwich Cookiescoconut and Peanut Fudgecoconut and Strawberry Tapiocacoffee Hazelnut Ice Creamcreamy Berry Moussecrisp Cherry and Apricot Stackfrozen Blackberry-lime Tarthealthy Raw Carrot-orange Cupcakesmini Raw Ice Cream Choco Cookiesorange-blueberry Raw Cheesecakepumpkin-filled Squaresraw Blueberry Cake Delishraw Choco Stacksraw Choco Vanilla in Raspberry Cream Cakeraw Classic Brownie with Vanilla Dipraw Hemp-acai Clustersraw Summer Peach Cobblersimple Cinnamon and Fruit Chia Puddingsimple Creamy Tahinisimple Oatmeal Cookiessimple Raw Chocolate Fonduestrawberry-choco-coco Raw Piewalnut Coffee Cake Raw Classicso, what are you waiting for? Go raw, improve your health and enjoy your life.

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