Best Desserts for Diabetics – Diabetic Meals – Dessert can be guilt-free

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I’ve been having a ton of fun baking my way through the ‘Guilt-Free Desserts‘ ebook by Kelley Herring.

All the diabetic dessert recipes are laid out nicely and very easy to follow. All of the delicious dessert recipes have far exceeded my expectations on the deliciousness scale.

I cannot wait to try her chocolate chip cookies, the flourless chocolate cake (using black beans) and the guilt free coconut cake. I am going to incorporate these with my already healthy diabetic diet.

To be put it out there are and tell you the total truth, there is one thing I don’t absolutely love about Guilt-Free Desserts. The recipe photographs and clarity could be much better. There are no lip-licking images but the true baked desserts have come out very nice. It’s a small gripe but with all the nice cameras and editing the photos could be updated.

If you are looking for delicious guilt-free diabetic desserts, this is it. Glad to have added this to our everyday favorites.

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