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BEST LABS // Ever really want dessert but you only have two ingredients at home? Well, today I’m taste testing six different 2 ingredient desserts to find out which one is best! Believe me, I was skeptical that any of these would be any good – and while a couple of them just didn’t really work, there is a clear winner. The BEST 2 ingredient dessert was by far the Lemon Bars! Two simple ingredients, one delicious ‘sweet treat for the kids’. (Thank you Auntie Fee).

Lemon Bars –
Peach Angel Food Cake –
Banana Oat Cookies –
Nutella Brownies –
Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream –
Nutella Mousse –

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Best Labs answers the questions on what the BEST ___ is! While legitimately answering the question, it’s all about the entertainment along the way. Questions get answered through Games, Challenges, Debates, Field Trips and other ridiculous means of getting to the BEST of things.

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