Bengali Sweet—- Lyangcha New Bengali Sweet Recipes – Simple & Delicious Bengali Dessert Reicpes

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Bengali Sweet—- Langcha

A sweetest note just perfect to cherish the sweetness of an authentic bong delicacy; nothing but “Lyangcha” or Langcha! I It is known to all Bong foodies for nothing but cylindrical Lyangcha; a first cousin of Gulab Jamun! Lyangcha with every possible size renging from 3” long to 10” long. In my mind to try Lyangcha in my kitchen and to share my experience of cooking here.

Lyancgcha is a cylindrical fried sweet coated with sugar syrup and prepared with FRESH CHANA (Paneer) and Mawa/ Khowa. To make soft and tasty Lyangcha use of fresh Chana is must and I just made it at home. However, store bought fresh Paneer can also be used for this recipe. Lyangcha will be at its ultimate level if fried in pure Ghee but considering the calorie content I used refined oil mixed with 1 Tsp. of Ghee to fry Lyangcha and rest of the process is in the recipe section as always!


1)To make Chana:
2)Full Fat Milk: 3 Litre
3)Lemon Juice: 4 Tbsp.
4)To make the Dough for Lyangcha:
5)Fresh Chana: 250g (or Chana extracted from 3 litre milk)
6)Khowa/ Mawa/ Solidified Milk: 200g
7)Cardamom Seed: 2-3
8)Semolina: 2 Tbsp. (hipped)
9)All Purpose Flour: 2 Tbsp. (hipped)
10)Powdered Sugar: 3 Tbsp.
11)Refined Oil: to Deep fry
12)Ghee: 1 Tsp.
13)To make the Sugar Syrup:
14)Sugar: 2 Cup (450g)
15)Water: 2 Cup
16)Green Cardamom Seed: 2-3

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