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Greetings lovely passionate and COMpassionate humanitarians of the internet!

Another recipe that is especially made for Valentine’s Day! Apple Pie is a classic that no soul can say no to. Here we go!

Poached Apple

Fuji and Granny smith apples
2:1 ratio of brown sugar and cinnamon
splash of apple juice

Apple Gel

300 ml apple juice
2 grams agar agar

*blended after it set

Beurre Noisette Snow (Brown Butter snow)

browned butter *under low heat
tapioca maltodextrin

Pâte Feuilletée (Traditional Puff Pastry Dough) Recipe and Procedure:

Caramel Recipe and Procedure:

Macerated Cranberries

dried cranberries (macerated overnight in rum)

See you soon, foodie friends!

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