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I Want One Of These…Please!!

I love pizza.  I love homemade pizza as well.  But like most people, I would prefer homemade pizza that tastes like it was roasted in a outdoor brick oven.

Instead of settling for in-your-kitchen-oven homemade pizza, why not try cooking a pizza outdoors on your patio?

This article explains how using a Kalamazoo Outdoor Oven:

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The first countertop outdoor oven with the Total Control dual burner design delivers a better pizza making experience

When you think of old world pizza, you likely picture it coming out of a beautifully Tuscan crafted brick oven. But Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet™, the leading manufacturer of high-end outdoor kitchen equipment, has mastered the modern day convenience and old world cooked taste with their Artisan Fire Pizza Oven. The first countertop outdoor pizza oven with two independently-controlled burners, offering unparalleled cooking power and control.


Kalamazoo has taken all of the best features and cooking characteristics found in traditional brick-lined, large, wood-fired pizza ovens and wrapped them in an elegant gas-fired stainless steel package.


“Homemade pizza is the strongest trend we have seen in quite a while and pizza ovens are part of it. Designers are including pizza ovens as a must-have item for outdoor kitchens and patios,” said Georgiadis. “It is great for time spent cooking with the family without heating up the kitchen. It also can be the focal point of outdoor pizza parties.”

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