Agar-agar dessert recipe

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Agar-agar is like Jello. It can be a nice dessert presentation. It is easy and fast to prepare. You can mold as flowers, animals, fishes etc…

1 bag of Agar-agar Powder
1 liter and half (0.40 gal) of water
400 gr (14.2 oz) of sugar
1 vanilla tube
1 coconut milk can
Food colour

– Pour 1 1/2 liter (0.40 gal) of cold water in a cooking pan
– Pour in the Agar-agar powder and mixed well
– Add sugar and stir over heat until it dissolves
– After mixing pour the vanilla and then remove the pan from heat
– Divide to 2 different bowls, one leave as it is, the other add coconut milk
– Mixed with the Food Colour then pour into the mold layer by layer
– As soon as the first layer sets (this takes only a few minutes), pour more agar mixture into the mold
– Repeat with the remaining layers mixed by your own creativity
– Chill in refrigerator until serving time

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