[4k] Chocolate Pound Cake

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Chocolate Pound Cake with Chocolate Ganache

– Chocholate Ganache

100g Dark Chocolate
50g Heavy Cream

– Chocolate Pound Cake

Wet Ingredients
200g Butter
155g Sugar

180g Egg
20g Heavy Cream

Dry Ingredients
180g Flour
15g Cocoa Powder
3g Baking Powder

재료 – 미니 파운드 케익 틀 4개 분량

– 생초콜릿

100g 다크 초콜릿
50g 생크림

– 초콜릿 파운드 케익

200g 버터
155g 설탕

180g 계란
20g 생크림

180g 박력분
15g 코코아분
3g 베이킹 파우더

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