17 Pizza’s From Round The World That Could Get You Fired!

If You Need Your Job But Love Travel and Pizza – DON’T Read This!! For Your Safety!

If you live in a world with unlimited resources, then mixing your travel addiction with your pizza addiction is not going to be dangerous to your livelihood.  After all, you One Percenters can do whatever the heck you want, right?

But for the rest of us poor blokes, scratching the travel itch requires trade-offs.  “Being at work” (pfftt!) is one of those trade-offs.  It’s amazing how angry bosses become when you ask for a simple summer vacation just so you can recharge your batteries in Italy.

However, if you are daring or innovative enough, you too can travel the world eating different exotic pizzas.  Just be sure to take the following infographic with you so that you have a proper itinerary!

Courtesy MentalFloss.com


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